Seeing the world through a new lens creates a different, more elusive and filtered direct  connection with reality. Layers of transparent tulle and nylon envelop our rich fabrics as though in a cocoon. It is the game of eternal illusion of a world seen through the filter of imagination.    

White and navy stripes with a touch of red recall a nautical style which fashion has reinterpreted through the years, at times rendering it more sophisticated or more sporty. It is a trend strongly linked to summer looks, a must for the Riviera or tourist destinations. Creativity and the spirit of fashion allow this look to become personal […]

The collection’s rich details are illuminated through the use of scintillating gold, which looks almost misted upon tops, blouses and cardigans. These chromatic details create unique and singular trompe-l’oeil looks.  

The new Parronchi Cashmere Spring/Summer 2015 collection: bright colours, thought and chosen to enhance women’s skin, are strictly connected to nature!  

Parronchi Cashmere’s stylistic experimentation continues! For the Spring/Summer season, we offer lightweight cashmere combined with airy fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, and lace. The result? A look that is completely chic and never conventional.  

Floral prints personalize chic dresses and soft tees. Pastels juxtaposed with bold nature-inspired  hues herald the season with humor and extreme femininity.